The Best Matcha Recipe

Coffee is my die-hard caffeinated drink. That being said, I have to give a shout out to Matcha. There has been a bit of a buzz around this deep green beverage as of late. Just the other day, we stopped in The Parlour, of downtown Durham, and low and behold - Matcha Icecream! It was decadent – a definite must try.  

Matcha Latte

Of course, like every other spice, grain, or plant of its nature, Matcha has a rich history and has been prepared as a drink for centuries. Matcha is a powdered green tea processed in a way that preserves the entire leaf. My favorite way to enjoy the power packed beverage is in latte form. It’s the bomb and pairs perfectly with a morning surf.


Here’s My Prep For Matcha Lattes


2oz Hot Water

2 teaspoons Matcha Powder

8 oz Almond Milk

Honey to taste

Preparation Steps :

 Whisk the two teaspoons of Matcha Powder into 2oz of hot water.  Once the powder has completely dissolved, you can then add your 8oz milk of choice. In our barista family of two, we are lucky enough to use quality equipment for steaming milk to latte perfection. However, warmed milk or even an iced latte will be equally enjoyable options. With milk added, sweeten to taste with honey and enjoy the deep green antioxidant machine. 

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Much Love

- G