An Introduction To THE DAILY life.

A summer thunderstorm is rolling in on us this evening as I sit down to write. Joel’s finishing up a batch of home roasted coffee. He has officially taken our coffee love to a new level. Before, we were just single origin people who liked fresh, locally roasted beans. Now, we are single origin people who like fresh Joel-roasted coffee. Joel’s been geeking out over it, watching videos, doing research, finding the perfect roasting time and so on.  Mind you, this is all being done using an air popper popcorn machine – but I must say he is roasting some dang good coffee.

I’m excited to be adding this new segment to the blog! Originally, I started blogging to commemorate a new phase in life – Joel and I getting married and our sailing journeys. Along the way I’ve fallen in love with writing (something my college self never saw possible). Now, the blog has grown into an opportunity to share the spirit of adventure. And I love it! But let's be honest, there is a lot on the Internet to help you daydream about future adventures.  The reality though is that not every day is about climbing a mountain or traveling somewhere foreign. There are moments in-between. For some people those “moments” are days, for some - weeks, and for others - years. Dreaming is good; but learning to love the moments in-between is the greatest accomplishment.


The Daily is our opportunity to share the “in-between” with you. Because, we love the little adventures of daily life almost as much as we love the big ones.  

Here Is A Little Taste Of What You Can Look Forward to on Post From THE DAILY. 



When we aren't traveling, we have a few other hobbies that fill our time. Obviously one of mine is writing - but I already get to share that with you! 



I'm really excited about this one. I almost wanted to dedicate this whole new section of the blog to health. But, I knew I would wind up saying much more. I'm no expert on the matter but it's something I am passionate about. In my mind, it's all about balance and baby steps.  Health is an important part of fueling your adventures. And, it is a huge part of the "moments in-between".



How we plan, how we pack and how we make it happen. We want to share all our "thinking out loud" moments with you. Whether it's how it shouldn't be done or how it could be done - we hope to teach as well as learn. Be prepared because we fail often - but that's the beauty - it's all a part of the process.