Two Adventure Resources You Will Love

Itching for some outdoor adventure this weekend? I feeling ya. Sometime though, it can be hard to know where to start. Especially if you are in a new area or looking for an adventure outside of what you’ve done before. Im here to help. 

In honor of Friday camp vibes, I wanted to share these two resources for office hour distractions.  

The Outbound is your go-to for outdoor excursions inspiration. You can search the area where you currently are or want to be. A community of like-minded outdoor gurus has probably already found, shared, and reviewed a multitude of hikes, trails, climbs, paddles and scenic views in your area. All that is left for you to-do is pick one, grab a crew and head out.    



 Hipcamp is redefining camping space. Not only are they making miles of private land accessible for the exploring folk, but they are creating a sustainable way for land owners to keep their property wild. It’s a win – win kind of program. After checking out their webpage and falling in love with the Hipcamp mission, you yourself can get involved. And, just like The Outbound, you can search your desired camping area for a whole new world of possible campsites.



Time to start daydreaming – but don’t tell your boss you heard it from me.

Cheers to great new adventures this weekend. But, remember to respect the land and help maintain your wilderness playground. Practice “leave no trace” and keep the outdoor experience just a beautiful for the ventures to come.