How To Road Trip On A Budget

If you are wondering how to stick to a budget for your next adventure, you aren't alone. Whatever your finances might be, keeping cost low is important. Why? Well, the less you spend on this trip, the easier it'll be to justify the next trip! Trust me, I have boiled the art of trip justification down to a science.

I've also found myself, at the end of a trip, trying to justifying the large sum of money exiting our bank account. "It was worth it....right..?" "You can't put a price on experience." While there's truth to that one, the hard fact is that experiences often come with a price tag. So, being smart and  keeping to budget will serve you well. 

Here are a few of our road-trip budget tips. 

Traveling on a Budget

Cost calculators are another helpful tool that makes planning a road-trip, on a budget, a little less stressful. GasBuddy provides a great gas calculator, as well as OutdoorBlueprint who put together a nifty trip budget calculator

If you have any tips for traveling on a budget, we'd love to hear them. Leave a comment below or send us an email.