Why MANDA Sun Paste Should be on Your Summer Gear List

A reef-safe sunscreen that is good for the ocean - that's Manda Sun Paste. 

Sun protection is a year long struggle for me. The high mountain peaks and blistering white snow of snowboarding season is enough to leave my cheeks rosie red. But, now,  as the northern hemisphere begins to warm up, summer is about the only thing on everyone's mind. Everyone wants to get a little melatonin back in their skin after winter hibernation. Yet, if we're honest, we know our bodies will forever thank us for practicing  good sun protection.

As a blonde haired, fair skinned surfer I know too well the damage poor sun protection can cause. Growing up, my mom would always remind me "skin cancer runs on both sides of your family." I always joke that I wasn't given the proper complexion for the hobbies and climate I love. And, as if lathering up ever couple hours isn't hard enough, many sunscreens contain skin damaging ingredients. What! Needless to say, finding an easy to use, safe, and effective sunscreen has been a lifelong struggle.

MANDA Sunpaste has been a long awaited answer to my skin care needs. This past year of sailing, my skin didn't get a winter break. So, coming into summer, sun protection is only that much more important. I only wish I discovered MANDA sun paste sooner.

What Makes MANDA So Good


Sun protection plucked straight from nature. That's exactly what MANDA sun paste is. Flip over their eco-friendly wooden container and you'll see these few familiar  (and pronounceable) ingredients:

(as described from MANDA)

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.25.33 AM.png

It is better for YOU and better

for the WORLD you love to play in.

  And, if that's not enough there's a few more things to love about this Sun Paste. The Zinc Oxide provides a longer lasting protection. It sticks on and stays on while you're out there doing what you love. With an SPF of 50, MANDA protects you from the harmful rays so that you can focus on other things - like catching the next wave. 

One more thing I personally love about MANDA... I've spent quite a few dollars on different Zinc Oxide based sun pastes. But, I've had a hard time sticking with them. Either they were bright white or had unnatural coloring that dyed my skin. MANDA's all natural ingredients give it a soft skin tone color that blends in. So, you no longer have to look like a jock lifeguard or a face-paint subject. MANDA is the kind of sunblock you don't mind rocking around all day. 

If you're asking me, MANDA should be at the top

of your summer gear list!  

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With Love,