The Lumineers - Sleep on the floor

My good friend, Craig Lilly, tagged me in the comments of a Lumineers music video this morning. After watching it, I couldn't help but reshare.

A simple music video, but a sweet reminder of our choices in life. For some of us, the adventure is in staying; for some of us, the adventure is in going. But always, there is a moment where we are given a choice between the unknown and the predictable.

The unknown, filled with uncertainty, risk and potential failure seems to be the less appropriate choice. However, what if the greatest misfortune is not in what you might lose from the unknown, but instead, in what you will miss by holding tight to the predictable. As Thomas Jefferson, so flawlessly phrased it, "With great risk, comes great reward." Be reminded, that in ever instance, you have the option to choose joy. To set your heart free. And, to chase the unknown.

Who know what adventure lies waiting for you in the unpredictable. 

Oh, and a big Cheers! to living simple and loving deep. 

Much Love


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