The Best Ring for an Active Lifestyle - Groove Life Silicone Ring Review

An alternative wedding band for carpenters, climbers, sailors, hunters, CrossFit junkies and just about anyone living an active lifestyle - game changer. Here is our review of the Groove life silicone ring.

Silicone rings had been on my gear radar for a while. I hadn't been sold, though. I wasn't sure they were actually practical. I wasn't even sure they were something we would wear. From there, my thoughts wandered into - What company makes the best silicone ring? Is anyone making a quality silicone ring or is everyone just trying to put a price tag on a piece of plastic?  

Our best friend, in the sailing community, told a story once of a time that his wedding band almost cost him his life. One afternoon, he was alone in the water, cleaning the hull of his boat. Like usual, he took a deep breath and dove down to scrub the barnacles and grim from the underside of his floating home. He stayed under, working until he had no choice but to swim to the surface and refuel on oxygen. A big gulp of air, back under, scrub, repeat. As he made his way to the stern of the boat, he cleaned around the prop, putting in some major elbow grease, until he was finally out of breath again. He pushed his body away, toward the surface. Instantly, he felt his arm being jerked back downwards. His wedding band had wrapped around a cotter pin. He jerked away - the ring wouldn’t budge. “I remember thinking,” he told us, “great! My wife is going to come find my body floating just underneath the surface.” Finally, though, as he pulled one last time, the cotter pin came undone and he was freed. Stretching upward, he surfaced choking for air.  

By the end of the story my husband, Joel, and I were online, researching alternative ring options. Of course, you can just take your ring off for certain activities or get a tattoo backup. But, for us, that would mean going all day, or for a week straight, without our wedding band. Between Joel’s carpentry and our pastimes of surfing, sailing, backpacking and climbing - we needed another option. So, we started looking into silicone rings.

When it came to silicone rings, the one thing people seemed to complain about was that the rubber ring traps sweat, turning the skin underneath into colors resemble something from Davy Jones locker. Wrinkly, green ring fingers didn’t sound appealing.

Luckily, after some research, I landed on Groove Life. They make silicone rings designed, specifically, to let your skin breath. Grooves, on the inside of the ring, minimize the actual surface area that touches your skin and provide sufficient airflow. Problem one - solved. But, would we actually want to wear them? Groove Life managed to solve this concern as well. They offer a selection of colors and widths to ensure not only function, but style. Bingo. 

The Specs

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What They Say: 

Breathability: Groove Ring's patent pending breathable features make it the first active silicone ring that keeps air moving in and allows moisture out. The infinity loops, air-ports, and inner arch lessen the contact of your finger with the ring, allowing it to "breathe".

Lifetime Warranty: If Groove Ring breaks, stretches, tears or if you lose it, we have you covered.

Low Profile: Groove Ring is super low profile and designed to be worn close to the skin since it "breathes". Having your active ring snug on your finger is essential to prevent your finger from snagging on objects your hand comes in contact with.

Liquid Poured: Groove Ring is also the first type of ring to be liquid injected. This process gives Groove its perfect look with limited mold lines, checks, or flaws!

Groove Life founder, Peter Goodwin, is a father, fisherman, and lover of the outdoors. He created the Groove Life ring design to match his active Alaskan lifestyle. Peter and his team are constantly working to make a quality products that is functional, stylish and durable. For that reason, we give Groove Life a ten out of ten.   

I gave my husband his first Groove Ring for Christmas and he hasn’t taken it off.  

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