Shasta Camper Restoration

In the later months of summer, we started a DIY project for the record. We found a piteous, neglected Shasta camper along the side of the road with a "For Sale" sign crammed in the window. We pulled a sharp u-turn, got out to observe it's forgotten potential and a few days later bought it. 

Truly, we purchased lil' Shasta with a plan of flipping her for a profit. But, as what we thought would be a week or two of work, turned into a  multi-month long project - we slowly welcomed her to the family. 

Just the other weekend, a new friend asked Joel what we do in our free time. I laughed to myself as I heard him trying to respond. A long pause. "well." Another long pause.

What is free time? Like I said, this has been a DIY project for the record. To spare you a long list of grueling details, I instead whipped together a few clips from the process (that is before things got crazy and I stopped recording - I must take after my mother). 

All walls had to be rebuilt and we took an un-recommendable approach to doing so - we took all aluminum siding off. Perhaps the most frustrating part of the process resulted from that decision. Those wobbly pieces of metal (or pieces of ShAsta as I'd say) did not want to play nice when it came time to reassembling. 

But man! is she cute! And her paint job (props to Joel) came out awesome. More to come. 

Much Love