Commercial Fishing In Kodiak, Alaska

“ It is a windy, rainy, stormy day. We ran the crab gear until dark last night. As we worked, we watched the sun set, the moon rise and the stars come out. Finally, we turned in for the night and made our way home, peering through the dark abyss of Alaska. The full moon behind us, constantly trying to rise up over the approaching Easterly front - which seemed to be storming its way towards us. We made it ashore close to 1 A.M. Just a few weeks ago, it was still light out at 1 A.M. - funny how quickly things change around here. One day it's Summer, the next it's Fall. One day the Lupines bloom across the field, the next Fireweed is spread in every direction.”

That is a small excerpt from the journal I kept during my five months spent in remote Kodiak, Alaska. There was no unlimited wifi for recording life the way we have become so accustomed to. Pen and paper was my best way of keeping an account of our experiences and I did so as often as possible. Although, it was never often enough. Free time is sparse when you are juggling a remote fish camp, a set net site, Halibut quota, and 300+ pots of crab gear. Living remote is insane. It’s crazy, it’s hard and it’s extremely rewarding all in one fell swoop  

It’s hard to squeeze into one article the details of five months living in the wilderness. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a long article in the form of a book. Until then, I brought together a few of my favorite photos to highlight the experience.

Alaskan Lupine Flower

Alaska has a way of striking you speechless. The colors of the landscape, the fields of flowers, Salmon flooding a river, bears playing on the flats, the never-ending expanse of mountains soaring in every direction - no moment is dull in The Last Frontier. I often found myself wondering if I was living in the world J.R.R. Tolkien wrote about. Maybe that had something to do with the fact I was working my way through The Lord of the Rings, but mostly it was because the places I saw, around every new corner, seemed like nothing else on our planet. 

Places to see in Kodiak, Alaska
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Alaska Wildlife
Sailing Moser Bay Kodiak Alaska

Alaska's beautiful landscape has greater depth than just simple views to gaze upon. From its richness of life comes a bounty of natural resources. Living remote really gives you the chance to truly connect with all that Alaska has to offer. 

People have been relying on the provisions of Alaska's ecosystem for ages. The commercial fishermen of Alaska have been passing their trade on for generations; teaching their children to study, know, and find their living off the land and sea.

My husband and I only got a glimpse of this multi-generational lifestyle through our 5 months spent commercial fishing in remote Kodiak, Alaska. Even still, I can attest to a few aspects of the lifestyle. I know you need three things to commercial fish in Alaska: raingear, Xtratufs and a whole lot of grit.  It was hard work, long hours and five months of achy bones. But, there is no better office and few things more fulfilling.  

Commercial fishing set net site
Alaskan Tender at Ocean Beauty Cannery
People of Kodiak Alaska
Dungeness Crab Fishing Boat
Best Boots for commercial fishing Xtratuf
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