Chilly Alaskan Swells; featuring Nick Docherty

What else does a U.S. East Coast raised surfer do when he moves to the wild wonderland of Alaska than order a 9'6 Album surfboard, a Patagonia r5 wetsuit and head out, in search of a few chilly Alaskan peelers. At least, that's the story for our good friend, Nick Docherty, and he has the pictures to prove it. 

Stationed in Alaska as a member of the U.S Coast Guard, Nick, and his family have been taking full advantage of their new backyard. "This place is honestly a hidden gem for surfing," Nick shared with me. "Not to mention it's so rugged out here. Some places you are either climbing down cliffs or navigating a heard of Bison to access the beach." So you are telling us that Alaska is not only an outdoorsman's (or woman's) dreamland but now, also, a surfer's paradise? Say no more Nick, we are already looking up plane tickets. 

If that's not enough stoke for one day, here's a little film Nick and his good friend, Chris Thomas, put together featuring a few fun days of Alaskan swell.