Five Weekend Adventure Tips That Won't Break The Bank

Trying to figure out what to do this weekend but need to keep to a budget? I feel you. Just because you are saving up for the next big trip (or life in general) doesn't mean you have to sit around in the meantime. Here are five great ways to adventure, on a budget, this weekend. 

1. Crew up-

“The more the merrier” applies to almost, ever situation in life. And, unless your plans consist of hot-air balloons or spelunking (two very space constrained scenarios) a big crew is most definitely an adventure advantage. Being inclusive is a win-win situation. Not only will you be encouraging others to get out and explore, you’ll have friends to share the memories with – oh, and to split the bill. Which, will leave a happy you, a happy friend and a happy bank account.

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2. Take to the night

Once, in college, my girlfriends and I decided to go on a night hike. It was the closest mountain to our campus and a trail that I hiked many times over. Something about hiking at night, though, made the experience distinct. Maybe it’s the lack of people or the mysterious abyss of darkness that keeps you on edge. It could even just be the fact that, in order to avoid getting hurt or lost, you must give 110 % of your focus to your surroundings (please be careful – I can neither confirm or deny whether or not we got lost on that particular night hike.) My husband and I even did this recently. Instead of going out of town, we saved money and took to the night! We biked a beach trail that I had done during daylight a million times, to the light of the full moon.


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3.Borrow rather than buy – gear

If you are reading this and are currently affiliated with a university. Stop. Leave what you are doing and go to your college’s outdoor recreation center. Even if you think your campus doesn’t have one, I bet they do. Take full advantage of the resource while you have access. Most college campus outdoor recreation centers will rent out anything from canoes to climbing shoes. If you’re lucky, they might even rent tents and backpacking gear (maybe find your own sleeping bag, though – semi-gross). For the rest of us, ask your local outdoor retail store if they know of any gear rental groups. You can also find certain rentals at a lot of state parks.


4. Work an Event

This might be the smartest hack for adventuring on a budget. That is, if you are willing to put in the time. Music, craft, food or community service; any kind of festival or large event will most likely have a volunteer program established. Where, in exchange for an allotted number of volunteer hours, you can receive anything from free event admission to lodging and food.


Full moon adventure

5. Combined Activities

The oldest trick in the book. I’m pretty sure the “picnic” originated out of a need for adventure on a budget. Combining two activities, into one outing, makes for a new experience - even if something (or even both things) is commonplace to you. Adopt a dog for the day from your local SPCA and head to your favorite trail. If cooking is your thing, round up your friends, their camping stoves, and some groceries and head out to a nearby state park. Better yet, go fishing and cook what you catch (maybe bring a backup dinner just in case). Art, in the outdoors, is one of my favorite low-key adventures – and high-key as well (that’s not a thing). Document your favorite outdoor activities via photography, word, or paint – voila new adventure.