J+G Adventures; Snowboarding in NC & Touring Chattanooga

Originally, our plan was to catch a ride back to the boat with our friend, Danielle, on January the 5th. From our New Years trip to Hatteras, we had piled in the car with a few friends who would be passing Joel’s parents house in North Carolina. Joel’s mom had kindly agreed to lug us the extra hour to interstate 95 where we could jump in the car with Danielle.

As we transferred from one car to the next, Joel’s mom quickly asked us how much of a rush we were in to make it back to the boat. Then, proceeded to invite us on a family road trip. Saying yes would put us another two weeks away from the boat. So, we weighed the pros and cons. And, decided that the opportunity to spend time with Joel’s family was well worth altering our plans. We called the marina and told them our return would be delayed a week or two. With the marinas approval, we started to prep for a different kind of adventure.

The destination was Chattanooga, Tn for a family member’s wedding. And, on our way we would stop at Beech Mountain (where Joel and I used to work!) for two days of snowboarding. We’d been itching to snowboard and were giddy about return to the mountain. Plus we were super excited to share the snowboarding stoke with Griffin and Connor (Joel’s two youngest brothers).

Our only problem was that half of our snowboarding gear was in North Carolina and half was in Virginia. But luckily, we knew someone who’d soon be traveling down interstate 95. So, we still met up with Danielle off the interstate. But, instead of jumping in with her, we grabbed our gear (that my mother had kindly gathered together, Thanks mom!) from her car. 

A few days later, we packed the van to the brim with Brookshires and luggage, and headed to the mountains.
The little bungalow where we stayed was right on the slopes and had the best view for catching the sunrise.  Doesn’t get much better then that. The whole family hit the slopes. 

The weather was much colder than the tropics we’d hoped to reach by then. But, snowboarding has its way of making me fall in love with winter. Speeding across the glistening snow, flowing with the curves of the mountain, snowboarding’s a thrill and an art all at once. And, for these cold months, when outdoor activities and exercise are a little less appealing, it’s the perfect way to get out, use your muscles and connect with nature. If you aren’t already a snowboard fanatic, all the more reason to get out there. Try it! You might fall on your butt a few times, but that’s what it’s all about. We were so proud of Griffin and Connor. It was their first time on the slopes and they killed it. 


or two days straight, we snowboarded until we couldn’t walk. Then, we packed up and hit the road again for Chattanooga.
Chattanooga had more spunk then we anticipated. The downtown had a lot going on. From our little amount of time there, it seemed that the small businesses and local art culture were booming. And, they had an awesome coffee shop.  We even did a little tourisiting and checked out "Ruby Falls". I'd say Chattanooga is definitely a city worth visiting if you're in Tennessee. 

The wedding was held on the rooftop of an art museum. It was beautiful and magical. And, after having planned our own wedding, we appreciate the time and effort it takes to pull one off. But, I have to say, we really enjoyed attending the wedding without being in the planning crew.

To end our trip, we spent some sweet time getting to know Mr. Roy Brookshire (Joel’s dad’s uncle). He housed us, feed us, and shared lots of good stories. Thanks Roy!

From where I'm sitting, we've covered many miles since Chattanooga. So, stay tuned for another post to follow!
Much Love,