J+G Travel Guide; Uniquely Asheville, Nc

Asheville, one of our favorite cities in North Carolina, is a combination of beautifully eclectic people, thriving local businesses, and good music. The people and culture of Asheville draw you in.  We have sweet memories of our trips in the city and of the people we’ve met there.

We've been itching for Asheville adventuring, so Friday, we took a day-trip to the city.  We were a bit delayed getting there, but there’s too many good vibes in Asheville to stay bummed.  

Drum Circle Jamz
Asheville knows how to get funky. Around every corner there are people making music happen. One of the coolest traditions in Asheville is their community drum circle. Crowds of people circle around as drums are shared and played. It’s a reflection of the Asheville culture as everyone and anyone is invited to join in the fun.  We caught an awesome drum circle this weekend!  So many people were taking part and lots of niños boogieing right along.  

Good Eats.
Asheville has awesome local restaurants! Farm Burger is located right on Patton Avenue.  We had walked by many times, but never stopped to eat until Friday.  We decided to give it a try.  There had to be a reason for the lines that ran all the way out of the door every time we passed by. In line, we found that it went quickly.  The food was mouth-watering good.   We learned that Farm Burger uses local sources and seasonal ingredients.  They only serve no-hormone, no-antibiotic, grass-fed beef. (Which is even cooler to us now, after our Saturday farm tours.  Check back for the rundown on that later this week.)

The highlight of this Asheville trip was stumbling upon the “Downtown after 5” concert series. In the summer, the city closes down Lexington Street one Friday out of every month for a free concert. This particular Friday, we were lucky enough to hear the Asheville All-Stars, a collection of Asheville’s most talented local musicians. Their jamming flowed together in funky goodness and the fun they were having poured out good vibes on everyone. 

One thing is for sure, downtown is Uniquely Asheville!

Much Love