The Best Travel Friendly Coffee Equipment

Traveling can be hard on a coffee lover's soul. You have to leave behind your favorite gear and/or local roaster. What a bummer! Of course, the challenge of finding the best coffee shops along the road can be fun - but nothing beats the reliability (and savings) of brewing your own coffee. We have a few pieces of equipment we refuse to leave home-base without. They keep us pouring a good cup no matter where we travel. So, we wanted to pass the goodness along. 



The man, the model, the coffee wizard. What a hunk.

The Hario Scale is light and thin. Easy to pack and helps you find the ideal coffee-water ratio. If you are packing all the rest of your coffee gear, might as well make it perfect with this dime. 

Okay, one could argue that glass isn't the most travel friendly. Annnndd...Well.. I might have to agree. But, the Chemex is worth packing with care. And, the glass is surprisingly strong! [we've packed many things on top of it and dropped it multiple times]. The Chemex is one piece, easy to grab, and easy to use. Not to mention it plays a part in makes a delectable pour over. However, if you still aren't convinced, we also suggest the Clever [ It's plastic pour over cousin ].

Oh and don't forget your Chemex Filters!!

We love our goose neck kettle. It's little, but it boils just enough water for two cups of coffee. The tinny spout and shape helps distribute hot water at a controlled pace; Creating optimal bloom during brewing and brings out all those scrumptious tones and flavors. 

The Hario Hand Grinder is portable, affordable and gets the job done. This baby comes with us everywhere. 

When we grab the backpacks and leave the car behind, the coffee equipment dwindles. For treks into the wilderness we take either our  collapsible pour over or an Aeropress . 

Now get out there and brew some delicious coffee in some beautiful places. 

Much Love

-G & J