Seek Life. Seek Love. Seek Adventure 

Seek Growth. & Seek Wisdom. 

About Grace & Joel Brookshire

As an adventure seeking couple, Grace Brookshire started  ASWESEEK to document the travels of her and her husband, Joel. Quickly it became something greater than themselves - ASWESEEK became a platform to share not only their own life endeavors, but the adventures from a community of people. It became a place to encourage, inspire and equip folks to get out and live their dreams.  

The Vision


To us, seeking is more than just finding new places. And adventure is more than climbing mountains and riding waves. With our lives, we want to seek the Lord's heart and seek full life. We want to seek growth and seek wisdom. We want to find adventure through the people we meet, the community we experience, and the beauty we discover. 

The We

We are a community of  adventurers. It's me, it's you, it's anyone who, with their lives, embody the vision of Asweseek. Each person living it out in their own way and inspire others to do the same. 

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